The Installation

Necessary Knowledge

To install CMSimple on a webserver you should be able to:

The installation process

  1. Extract the zip file with in a folder on your PC.
  2. Upload the contents of the folder via ftp on your web server. You can install CMSimple in the DomainRoot or in a subfolder.
  3. Define the necessary read and write permissions to files and folders.

CMSimple is installed now. You can call the domain (or the domain/subdirectory/) and log in with the default password "test".

The login link is located bottom right of the page.

Important Notes

! Please change your CMSimple password immediately !

The CMSimple password can be changed under "settings" when you are logged in. On the same site you can change other important settings.

The new CMSimple comes set to English, so you should also change the language, if necessary. Everything else is self-explanatory, just browse around a little bit in the settings.