Install CMSimple 4.0

At first you should create a backup copy of your old CMSimple installation in a folder on your PC.

Then you can start preparing for the update.

  1. Create a new folder in your local server environment or on your web server. This directory should not be named "cmsimple", to avoid confusion with the system folder of CMSimple.
  2. Install CMSimple 4.0 in this directory, as described in Installation.
  3. On many web servers, you have to assign the necessary write permissions to some files and folders now.
  4. Delete the file ./content/pagedata.php

The pagedata.php from the download already contains data that does not fit for the contents of your old CMSimple installation. CMSimple will create a new pagedata.php.

Your new CMSimple 4.0 installation is now prepared, for the transfer of the data (content.htm) from your old CMSimple installation.